[Fontinst] error that I don't understand

E. Saudrais e.saudrais at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jul 31 19:24:36 CEST 2004

Lars Hellström a écrit :

>>I used a french distribution (AsTeX) that uses emtex. I have no problem
>>using fontinst.
>>This summer, I installed miktex (both distributions run without any
>>problem on my PC), but I got an error runing fontinst.

> This could be a bug with \if_defined that one encounters if running
> fontinst v1.926 (possibly also some earlier versions) on e-TeX. Check which
> executable is being used in the miktex case, and try to use another (e.g.
> tex).

I tried with tex instead of latex: everything is ok. Thanks a lot!


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