[Fontinst] Re: [tex-live] bug in FD@lig-/LIG

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at math.umu.se
Sun Jun 27 15:54:53 CEST 2004

At 12.20 +0200 04-06-26, Thomas Esser wrote:
>> Please ensure that a corrected version is part of TeXLive.
>How about updating CTAN? Who is going to do that?

As the only active maintainer, I am, and I certainly still consider CTAN to
be the main distribution channel for all things TeX-related. My enquiries
regarding TeX Live schedules should rather be taken as a question whether
this is something that needs to be fixed right away, or whether it can wait
(e.g. until after 4ecm, which begins today).

That said, I (judging from experience) probably need a reminder every now
and then. E.g. I had planned to upload a fixed (with respect to e-TeX)
fontinst version last Christmas, but got sidetracked and spent most of my
hacking hours tinkering with OpenType fonts instead.

>While I see that it is
>good to ensure that packages are good/bugfree in TL, it is also important
>to have good/bugfree packages on CTAN. The right way would be to fix
>the package on CTAN.


>This is usually sufficient to get it fied in TL.

Nice to hear.

Lars Hellström

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