[Fontinst] Adding a TTF to the normal font installation

Stephen C. Lipp scl at edi-nola.com
Fri Apr 30 18:51:19 CEST 2004

I have read (and read and read) the documentation for TTF2TFM and TTF2PK in order to take a TrueType font I have and install it properly in the PC MiKTeX system.  I have managed to create a tfm and also a pk file, but I cannot get the system to recognize these files.  As always, the system reverts to what it knows, which is cmr10.  This is not particularly useful in this instance.  So, if I can get a step-by-step, it would be appreciated:

1) to create the tfm file from the ttf with the proper encoding (8r) to enable access to some of the not so common characters;
2) to create the pk file (and vf file?) for display purposes; and
3) to place these files in the appropriate directories to "make" the MiKTeX system (which on my PC is run with the WinEDT shell) recognize them and use them appropriately.

Stephen C. Lipp

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