[Fontinst] Adding a TTF to the normal font installation

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at math.umu.se
Mon May 3 13:17:04 CEST 2004

At 18.51 +0200 2004-04-30, Stephen C. Lipp wrote:
>I have read (and read and read) the documentation for TTF2TFM and TTF2PK
>So, if I can get a step-by-step, it would be appreciated:
>1) to create the tfm file from the ttf with the proper encoding (8r)
>to enable access to some of the not so common characters;
>2) to create the pk file (and vf file?) for display purposes; and
>3) to place these files in the appropriate directories to "make" the
>MiKTeX system (which on my PC is run with the WinEDT shell) recognize
>them and use them appropriately.

None of this seems to be directly fontinst-related (except for the VF part
of 2, which is what fontinst is mostly about), but as far as (3) is
The WEB2C/kpathsea-based family of TeX implementations (to which MikTeX
belongs if I recally things correctly) maintain a list of all installed
files in a separate file, and do typically not look for files on the disk
at all. If you install new files into the system, you also need to rebuild
this list of files. There should be a utility in the system which does this.

So I suppose the answer should be: It is probably not been the
documentation for TTF2TFM and TTF2PK you need to read at this point, but
the documentation for MikTeX.

Lars Hellström

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