[Fontinst] latest fixes for fontinst 1.914

Walter Schmidt w-a-schmidt at arcor.de
Mon Mar 17 19:35:07 CET 2003

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003 17:50:14 +0100, Lars Hellström wrote:

>>Strangely, the old code gave a perfect zdotaccent with Palatino
>>(but not with many other typefaces).
>Hmm... Exactly *what* are you seeing?

Taka a look at the attached PDF.  In contrast to what I said
before, the problem is Palatino's "dotaccent", rather then 
the "i".  The dotaccent is protruding over the top edge of 
its box.  Thus, my new \itopaccent macro fails, whereas the
normal \topaccent macro happens to create a proper "zdotaccent".

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