[Fontinst] latest fixes for fontinst 1.914

LarsHellström Lars.Hellstrom at math.umu.se
Mon Mar 17 17:50:14 CET 2003

At 16.59 +0100 2003-03-17, Walter Schmidt wrote:
>On Fri, 14 Mar 2003 11:37:36 +0100, Lars Hellström wrote:
>>What I would like to know is whether anyone has tested it.

(I'd still like to know whether anyone has tested newlain.mtx; the rest of
the message has nothing to do with that, so I am curious as to why this is
the sentence this is a reply to.)

>Bad news:
>The trick to make "zdotaccent" exatly as high as "i" is not
>reliable.  For instance, Palatino has an "i" with a lot of
>white space above it, so the dot on the z is placed too high.
>Strangely, the old code gave a perfect zdotaccent with Palatino
>(but not with many other typefaces).

Hmm... Exactly *what* are you seeing? As far as I can tell, the code should
do exactly what it (according to your reference on Polish typography) is
supposed to: make sure that the dots on i and zdotaccent are vertically
aligned. In the case of Palatino this should certainly put more space
between the z and the dot than before, because Palatino has

  \height{z} < \int{xheight} = \height{dotlessi}
  \height{dotaccent} < \height{i}

but this is what the rule implies, even if the result looks wrong to you.
Perhaps you should send some examples to some Polish typographer and ask
them about it; it could be a cultural thing.

Lars Hellström

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