Walter Schmidt
Sun, 16 Jun 2002 14:41:51 +0200

On Sun, 16 Jun 2002 16:59:56 +1000, Adrian Heathcote wrote:

>small caps plus regular old style figures
>regular italic  plus italic old style figures
>bold plus bold old style figures
>They are all, as far as I can see, in Adobe Standard encoding.
>I can't work out from the documentation with fontinst what to name these 
>so as to use small caps and old style figures---because the 
>documentation concentrates on the case where the old style figures are 
>part of an expert font.

Unfortunnately, yes.

>here are my guesses for the first
>pgjrcj8a.pfb   or   pgjrc8j.pfb   or   pgjrc8a.pfb   or   pgjrc98a.pfb

pgjrcja8 is -- in theory -- correct: 
"c" stands for smallcaps, "j" stands for OsF.   
Yet the Karl.Bery-Schem says pgjrc8a -- don't ask me, why.

In practice, it does not matter, because \latinfamily
does not handle SC/OsF fonts properly, anyway. 
You will have to write you own \installfont commands.