Axel Rose
Sun, 16 Jun 2002 13:14:03 +0200

Hello Adrian,

you guess:
>pgjrcj8a.pfb   or   pgjrc8j.pfb   or   pgjrc8a.pfb   or   pgjrc98a.pfb

I found this in my texmf/fontname/ file:

pgjr8a    Granjon                           A    205    gr______
pgjb8a    Granjon-Bold                      A    205    grb_____
pgjri8a   Granjon-Italic                    A    205    gri_____
pgjbj8a   Granjon-BoldOsF                   A    209    grbos___
pgjrij8a  Granjon-ItalicOsF                 A    209    grios___
pgjrc8a   Granjon-SC                        A    209    grsc____

I'm new to the topic myself but at least this looks like the
official map...