8x.afm, no .vpl

Christian H. Kuhn kuhn@silchem.uni-wuerzburg.de
Fri, 1 Feb 2002 13:34:58 +0100


Axel Rose wrote:

> I used "rhar" without a special purpose.
> I've got at hand only a single (URW) produced inhouse font:
> Hauss.pfb, Hauss.afm (our corporate identidy font, called "Hausschrift")

There is a naming scheme. Either the first letter is u for urw, and 
you find the correct next two letters (your Hausschrift will most 
probably not been designed for your company, but renamed), or you 
use a z as first letter meaning you don't use standard naming, so 
zha would be o.k. Encoding is a problem for it seems not to be 8a, 
but it definitely is not 8x.

> To avoid confusion with Adobe produced fonts I first named
> it "rhar8a.afm". I then went through the fontinst procedures
> but was only partially successful. German umlauts and the EURO
> could not be output.

They will not be found at the proper positions. You will have to 
write your own .etx-file. good luck ;-)

> If I understand it right you must have a font8a.afm *plus*
> and font8x.afm file, correct?

Only if you have a font file AND an expert font file. But it seems 
you only have the regular font, and so you will not have any 

> P.S.: Thanks for the tutorial. A very good idea.
> What I'm missing though is a step by step guide for fonts
> including /euro and the PS custom encoding.

As the word says, there is not ONE custom encoding. You will have to 
deal with the internals of fontinst a lot more than my tutorial will 
ever do.

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