wrong ligatures in ae and ze tt fonts

Uwe Koloska uwe.koloska@mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Sun, 24 Jun 2001 13:09:25 +0200

Am Samstag, 23. Juni 2001 22:40 schrieb Lars Hellström:
> I'm not so sure it is questionable (anymore; I too thought it was when I
> wrote the monowidth/typewriter comments in the v1.9 fontinst sources).
> The main problem is that `--' _is_ allowed input for generating an endash
> in the T1 encoding, and hence all fonts with that encoding should work
> like that.

I thought that an encoding describes only the mapping of a number to a 
glyph.  Isn't this true?

If ligatures are part of an encoding, then all the sources I know that 
claim to describe T1 (or LY1, or AdobeStandard) are at least incomplete.

> It is not very useful for typewriter fonts (LaTeX's \verb and
> verbatim do a bunch of special declarations to escape these ligatures),

For use with T1?

> but it is nontheless a standard in the encoding. The reason there is no
> such ligature in OT1 typewriter fonts is rather that OT1 is a highly
> questionable identification of what is at least five different encodings.

I am curious:  cmr, cmtt, cmmi, cmsy, cmex?
But the last three are math encodings (more or less ;-))

Maybe it would be a good idea, to have subdivisons for (TeX) encodings?  
The the problem would vanish to having T1(.normal) and T1.tt that only 
differ in the used ligatures ...

Just my .2 EUR

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