oldstyle numbers

Thierry Bouche Thierry.Bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr
Mon, 6 Dec 1999 09:30:04 -0500

Concernant « oldstyle numbers », =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Rolf Marvin B=8F8e Lindgren?= écrit : «
» I tried the  \latinfamily{??j} trick to get oldstyle numbers, but it
» didn't work, and I believe it may be because the afms I used (Adobe's
» Sabon) use the standard names for numbers, and not the special oldstyle
» names.  save editing the afm files, is there a workaround?

Yeah, in current fontinst, you'd  simply do something like

[not absolutely sure about the kern-on/off commands]

Or, alternatively...


where unsetnum simply unsets all digits.

If you want to rely on latinfamily, you have to change all glyph names
in the OsF AFMs and call them 8x (change e.g. a to Asmall, and zero to
zerooldstyle, quite easy with perl or even sed...). Then the map file
must know of these new 8x fonts.

Thierry Bouche, Grenoble.