philosophy and Adobe Garamond
Sun, 11 Jul 1999 21:56:12 -0400

Sorry, failed to touch upon the philosophy aspect in my previous missive, but 
found and used the .vf files and my query/point was made moot thereby.

Thierry Bouche's Agaramond set sort-of, kind-of worked, but no ff ligatures 
(I do have the expert sets) and no regular weight small caps or old-style 
figures (maybe this is why no ff-ligatures?). Not sure what the difficulty 
was and rather than pursue that, I tried installing AGaramond with FontInst 
proper. No joy.

I have FontInst placed in h:\localtexmf\generic\fontinst and after renaming 
the .afms here're the messages which I got in the padfi.log file which 
padfi.tex (shown below) generated.
\input fontinst.sty

This is TeX, Version 3.14159 (MiKTeX 1.20b) (preloaded format=plain 1999.7.5) 
 11 JUL 1999 21:10
(padfi.tex (fontinst.sty
No file fontinst.rc.
INFO> parse family <pad><> (expert)
INFO> to make LaTeX font shape <padx,m,n,> seek padr8r.mtx
INFO> run \transformfont  <padr8r> from <padr8a>
Metrics written on padr8a.mtx.
Raw font written on
! I can't find file `8r.etx'.
<to be read again> 
\inputetx ...\lowercase_file .etx\x_relax 
                                          \let \relax =\x_relax 
\mtxtomtx ... }\inputetx {\str {etx-name}}
                                          \fi \open_out {\temp_prefix...
\transformfont ...tx {\str {afm-name}}{#1}
                                          \mtxtopl {#1}{#1}}
\fake_shape_raw_encoding ...font_width }}}
                                          \if_file_exists {\raw_encod...
\fake_shape_ ... \fake_shape_raw_encoding 
                                          \fi \if_expert_ \if_file_ex...
\latin_shape ...ape_\raw_shape \endcsname 
                                          \if_file_exists {\font_fami...
\latin_shapes ...{}{}{n}{\_textcomp_true }
                                          \latin_shape {c}{c}{}{sc}{\...
\latin_widths ->\latin_width {}{}
                                 \latin_width {n}{c}
\latin_weights ->\latin_weight {r}{m}
                                     \latin_weight {k}{m}\latin_weigh...
\latinfamily ...amily }{#2}\latin_weights 
                                          \endinstallfonts }
l.2 \latinfamily{padx}{}
Please type another input file name: 
(h:\texmf\tex\latex\tools\.tex File ignored) (padr8a.mtx)
Transformed metrics written on padr8r.mtx.
Raw font written on
Metrics written on padr8x.mtx.
Raw font written on
INFO> run \installfont <padr9t><padr8r,padr8x,latin><OT1><OT1><padx><m><n>
(padr8r.mtx) (padr8x.mtx)
! I can't find file `latin.mtx'.
<to be read again> 

and it continues, every so often complaining that certain .mtx files cannot 
be found.

I'm trying this under Win95B on a ThinkPad 755C with 20MB RAM, 30-60 MB HD 
space free on C: and H: using MikTeX 1.20b

I'm wondering if the difficulty might not be that I have a _very_ old version 
of AGaramond.

Any suggestions?