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This is a list of the professional TeX consultants and vendors who have asked to be included here. If you would like to be included here and/or in the analogous list in TUGboat, please use this online form to submit a listing. For comments or corrections to existing entries, please email us.

The information comes from the people who asked to be listed. We do not include any information we know to be false, but we cannot check out any of the information; we are transmitting it to you as it was given to us and do not promise it is correct. Also, this is not an endorsement of the people listed here. We have no opinions and usually no information about the abilities of any specific person. We provide this list to enable you to contact service providers and decide for yourself whether to hire one.

See also: AMS list of TeX vendors, TUG job board (help wanted), and the tug-consult mailing list (everyone is welcome to join and/or post).

Mercè Aicart Martinez   m.aicart@ono.com - www.edilatex.com
Tarragona 102, 4o, 2a / 08015 Barcelona / Spain
We provide, at reasonable low cost, LaTeX or TeX page layout and typesetting services to authors or publishers world-wide. We have been in business since the beginning of 1990. For more information visit our web site.

Onofrio de Bari and Massimiliano Dominici   info@typotexnica.it - www.typotexnica.it Italy

Our skills:

We offer our services (related to publishing in Mathematics, Physics and Humanities) for documents in Italian, English, or French. Let us know the work plan and details; we will find a customized solution. Please check our website and/or send us email for further details.

Dangerous Curve   typesetting@dangerouscurve.org -
We are your style/class specialists for TeX or LaTeX fine typography specs beyond those of the average LaTeX macro package. We take special care to typeset mathematics well.

Not that picky? We also handle most of your typical TeX and LaTeX typesetting needs, such as converting your Word documents to LaTeX.

We have been typesetting in the commercial and academic worlds since 1979.

Our clients include high-end branding and advertising companies, top universities (Harvard), leading publishers; science, computer science, and math research firms; design studios, art galleries; university professors; and The Free Software Foundation.

Our team includes Masters-level computer scientists, journeyman typographers, graphic designers, letterform/font designers, and even fine artists with MFAs, who trained at the top computer science (UC Berkeley), design (RISD), and fine art (UCLA) schools. One of us has co-authored a favorite TeX book, published by Addison-Wesley.

We are also familiar with: METAFONT, MetaPost, HTML, CSS, PHP, CGI, JavaFX, script.aculo.us, Bash/Unix shell scripting, Perl, Python, Awk, Ruby, Rails, C/(Visual) C++, PostScript, Solaris/Unix/Linux system administration/LAMP, mySQL, version control (RCS, git, etc.), and markdown languages.

Our other services, related and un-, include: technical writing and documentation, copyediting, proofreading, ad/book/newsletter/letterform design, spiral binding, wide-format fine art printing, high-quality sculpture fabrication, and museum-quality fine art preparation.

We are a member of TUG, plus support free software and the GNU Project.

David Latchman  david.latchman@texnical-designs.com - texnical-designs.com
Bakersfield, CA 93309-5935 / USA
Phone: +1 518-951-8786
LaTeX consultant specializing in the typesetting of books, manuscripts, articles, Word document conversions as well as creating the customized packages to meet your needs. Call or email to discuss your project or visit my website for further details.

Steve Peter  speter@mac.com
Phone: +1 732 306-6309
Specializing in foreign language, multilingual, linguistic, and technical typesetting using most flavors of TeX, I have typeset books for Pragmatic Programmers, Oxford University Press, Routledge, and Kluwer, among others, and have helped numerous authors turn rough manuscripts, some with dozens of languages, into beautiful camera-ready copy. In addition, I've helped publishers write, maintain, and streamline TeX-based publishing systems. I have an MA in Linguistics from Harvard University and live in the New York metro area.

Martin Sievers  info@schoenerpublizieren.com - www.schoenerpublizieren.com
Im Alten Garten 5 / 54296 Trier / Germany
Phone: +49 651 4936567-0, fax: +49 651 4936567-9
As a mathematician with more than ten years of typesetting experience I offer TeX and LaTeX services and consulting for the whole academic sector (individuals, universities, publishers) and everybody looking for a high-quality output of documents.

From setting up entire book projects to last-minute help, from creating individual templates, packages and citation styles (BibTeX, BibLaTeX) to typesetting your math, tables or graphics—just contact me with information on your project.

Michael Sofka  michael.sofka@gmail.com
8 Providence Street, Albany, NY 12203 / USA
Phone: +1 518-331-3457
Skilled, personalized TeX and LaTeX consulting and programming services. I offer over 25 years of experience in programming, macro writing, and typesetting books, articles, newsletters, and theses in TeX and LaTeX: Automated document conversion; Programming in Perl, C, C++ and other languages; Writing and customizing macro packages in TeX or LaTeX; Generating custom output in PDF, HTML and XML; Data format conversion; Databases.

If you have a specialized TeX or LaTeX need, or if you are looking for the solution to your typographic problems, contact me. I will be happy to discuss your project.

Boris Veytsman   borisv@lk.net - borisv.lk.net
46871 Antioch Pl. / Sterling, VA 20164 / USA
Phone: +1 703 915-2406
TeX and LaTeX consulting, training and seminars. Integration with databases, automated document preparation, custom LaTeX packages, conversions and much more. I have about nineteen years of experience in TeX and three decades of experience in teaching & training. I have authored several packages on CTAN and published papers in TeX-related journals, and conducted several workshops on TeX and related subjects.

Jonathan Webley   jonathan.webley@gmail.com
21 West Kilbridge Road / Dalry / North Ayrshire KA24 5DZ / UK
Phone: 01294538225
I specialise in math, physics and IT. However, I'm comfortable with most other science, engineering and technological material and I'm willing to undertake any LaTeX work. I'm good with equations and tricky tables. I can also proofread and copy-edit if required. I've done hundreds of papers for journals over the years. Samples of work can be supplied on request.

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