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The TUG99-web Preprints


The TUG99-web Preprints (Program Schedule and Papers) were prepared in pdfLaTeX by Ross Moore from the original source files for the TUG'99 Preprints, edited by Christina Thiele (TUG'99 Proceedings Committee). prepared by Anita Hoover (Technical Editor), and printed by Patricia Monohon.

In this version, both the program schedule and the papers have active hyperlinks and are cross-referenced. Every .pdf file has thumbnails and Article-thread reading, with bookmarks to give a view to snugly fit whatever window size the user chooses.The final version of the papers will be printed in the TUGboat Proceedings issue.

NOTE: The pages of the TUG99-web Preprints are not yet Web-optimised, so may be slow to download. Viewing with Acrobat Reader, Version 4.0 (aka acroread) is advised. It is available free from