TUG 2005 - Registration

This form allows registration for the TUG 2005 conference through the TeX Users Group. You can also use the alternate registration form at the main TUG 2005 web site. Either form will fully register you for the conference.

As you can see from the rates below, we are offering a discount on joining TUG (normally $65, just $35 here) if you join in conjunction with signing up for the conference. See TUG benefits. Also, we offer the "current member" price if you are a member of any TeX user group, not just TUG.

If you have any questions or difficulties submitting this form, please contact the conference organizers by email or via paper mail, phone, or fax.

Hotel: (choose one)
Breakfasts and dinners are included; lunches will be available in the hotel. More info on accomodations.
   BingHu Hotel $35/night
   EastLake Hotel $40/night
   Sharing room (indicate roommate in comments) $0/night
   Number of nights: hotel subtotal  $
   Arrival date and time:      Departure date:
Registration fee: (choose one)
All amounts in US dollars. After August 1, rates will be higher ($380 for user group members, $400 for others).
   I'm a current user group member. $220
   I'm not a member, and don't want to join. $240
   I'm not a member, but I'd like to join TUG now.   $255
   Donation only.
WuDang Mountain tour (optional): $100 per person
WuDang Mountain is the birthplace of Taoism. We are arranging a tour for the day after the conference, including a handmade Taoism outfit.
   Number on tour: WuDang subtotal  $
   Clothing sizes (see below):
Introductory courses (optional): $20 per course
Choose all you'd like to attend.
   TeX as a compiler (Hong Feng)   $20
   Introduction to LaTeX (Chris Rowley) $20
   Introduction to ConTeXt (Hans Hagen) $20
   Introduction to MetaPost (tbd) $20
   TeX and HTML, XML, SGML, ... (tbd) $20
   LaTeX2HTML (Ross Moore) $20
Voluntary donation:
Donations are generally fully tax deductible, at least in the USA. More info.
   General TUG contribution $
   Conference contribution $
Grand Total (hotel + registration + WuDang + courses + donations) $

Payment method (info VISA  MasterCard  American Express  PayPal
Card number
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Final note: please let us know your flight number and expected arrival time so that a local volunteer can meet you and help you get to the hotel. If you know it now, please enter it above. If not, please inform the conference organizers when you do know.

If desired, print this form for your records before pressing the Submit button.

Payment information

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