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TUG 2003: the Silver Anniversary--25 Years!--of TEX

List of Topics

April 21, 2003

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Keynote addresses

NELSON BEEBE: A TEX Retrospective
DUANE BIBBY: That Pesky Lion, or How a Lion Came To Be

Multilingual Document Processing


  1. PLAICE, HARALAMBOUS, AND ROWLEY: A Multidimensional Approach to Typesetting
  2. HOENIG: A New System for Typesetting Hebrew with Omega
  3. ADAMS: TEX at the End: Omega and Zapfino

Output utilities

  1. CHO: dvipdfmx, an eXtension of dvipdfm
  2. HARALAMBOUS: Projects Developed by ENST de Bretagne Students in 2001/2 and 2002/3

Bibliographic utilities

  1. PATASHNIK: BibTEX Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  2. HUFFLEN: MlBibTEX's Version 1.3

Font Creation: New Solutions to Old Problems

  1. HONG FENG: Designing Chinese Fonts with METAPOST
  2. JACKOWSKI AND NOWACKI: Accents, Accents, Accents: Enhancing CM Fonts with ``Funny Characters'' (MetaType font-generating package)
  3. YIU AND WONG: Chinese Character Synthesis Using Metapost
  4. MOON: Digital Illumination
  5. VOLOVICH AND HAN: Automatic Creation of Efficient Type 1 Fonts from METAFONT Fonts

Integrating Text and Graphics

  1. MOON: Literate Programming Meets UML
  2. COSTANZO AND GRAY: Creating Labeled ``Stand-Alone'' Figures in LATEX Using WARMreader and Adobe Illustrator under Mac OS X

Mac OS X TEX Applications

  1. COSTANZO AND GRAY: A Workshop on the Use of the ``MarkedObjects'' Plug-in, along with WARMreader to Create LATEX-annotated Figures using Adobe Illustrator under Mac OS X
  3. KOCH: New Features in TEXShop
  4. WIERDA: TEX on Mac OS X Using teTEX and TEX Live

TEX--Past, Present, and Future

TEX Around the World

  1. GAUDEUL: (La)TeX Case Study
  3. RANADE: The Spread of TEX in India: The role of outsourced typesetting
  4. SATISH BABU: TEX as a Provider of Livelihoods: The Indian Experience
  5. LUDWICHOWSKI: The Future of European LUGs

TEX Around the Web

  1. PADOVANI: MathML Formatting with TEX Rules and TEX Fonts
  2. GURARI: From LATEX to MathML and Beyond
  3. HARALAMBOUS AND PLAICE: Omega, OpenType and the XML World
  4. KANELLOS AND HARALAMBOUS: The Universal Library: Management and Typesetting of Literary Texts on the Web
  5. LEHMKE: TEXPower--Dynamic Presentations with LATEX
  6. SAASTAMOINEN ET AL.: Creating WWW-based Mathematical Interface with Database by Using LATEX, PHP and LATEX2HTML Compiler


  1. HAGEN: Typesetting Nightmares
  2. ROSELL-GONZÁLEZ: The return to the classics
  3. DALY AND RICHTER: Scientific Publishing with pdfLATEX
  4. MOORE: Using TEX to Manage IT for a Mathematics Congress
  5. LEHMKE: ERCOTEX: Yet another database publishing application of LATEX

TEX versus the End-User: Issues in Program Design and User Support

  1. FLYNN: Interfaces to structured text
  2. HAGEN: Example
  3. DALY: Abusing TEX: custom-bib as an example
  4. QUIRK: Programming Dynamic LATEX Documents
  5. HEFFERON: Web Services for CTAN
  6. ESSER: The teTEX distribution
  7. GRAY AND COSTANZO: Experiences and Lessons Learned Teaching LATEX to a Group of University Students
  8. POPINEAU AND CHAIX: XemTEX: An integrated platform for high quality scientific typesetting

Panel Discussions

  1. Font Panel
  2. TEX Heritage Panel

Post-Conference One-Day Workshop

HANS HAGEN: Getting to Know All About ConTEXt--on Friday, July 25, 2003 (9:00 am - 3:30 pm)
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