MacTeX Screen Saver

Permission is granted for all users of TeX on Mac OS X
to display this picture as a screen saver

© Copyright 2003 TeX Users Group
All rights reserved.

The background screen image is available in different sizes here:
 Name                    Last modified       Size  

 MacTeX_1024x768.jpg     01-Feb-2004 08:25   369k  
 MacTeX_1024x820.jpg     01-Feb-2004 08:49   401k  
 MacTeX_1152x768.jpg     01-Feb-2004 08:27   371k  
 MacTeX_1280x1024.jpg    01-Feb-2004 08:43   583k  
 MacTeX_1680x1050.jpg    01-Feb-2004 08:35   626k  
 MacTeX_1920x1200.jpg    01-Feb-2004 08:39   784k  
 MacTeX_600dpi.jpg       01-Feb-2004 08:51   7.2M  
 MacTeX_640x480.jpg      01-Feb-2004 08:18   169k  
 MacTeX_800x600.jpg      01-Feb-2004 08:30   243k  
 MacTeX_800x640.jpg      01-Feb-2004 08:46   266k  
 MacTeX_filesizes        01-Feb-2004 10:00     1k