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Bazargan, Kaveh

[ thursday ]

bazargan.jpg Discovered TeX in 1983, while typesetting a Ph.D. thesis in physics. Managed to typeset without preview and before the advent of laserprinters

Beebe, Nelson

[ sunday ]

beebe.jpg Nelson Beebe is employed at the Center for Scientific Computing, University of Utah. He has worked with TeX for several years contributing to many aspects of its implementation and use. He was President of TUG from 1989-1991.

Karl Berry

[ sunday ]

berry.jpg Karl Berry is the current president (2003-2005) of the TeX Users Group. He lives near Portland, Oregon. Karl has been an individual volunteer in the TeX world for many years. He was the maintainer of the Unix port of TeX (i.e., Web2c) for several) years in the 1990's. Along with Web2c, he developed kpathsea, a freely redistributable library for path searching and variants of three DVI drivers that use it; Eplain, a macro package that extends plain TeX;, a collection of Metafont modes and adaptations; a list of short fontnames for portable use within TeX across platforms; andassorted minor projects. I am also the maintainer and primary developerfor GNU TeXinfo, a TeX-based documentation format.

Beeton, Barbara

[ monday ]

beeton.jpg Barbara Beeton has been employed at the American Mathematical Society for longer than she likes to remember. She is currently a member of the Publications Technical Group, responsible for the care and feeding of the local TeX system and those who use it, including both production staff and (at a greater distance) authors.

In her voluminous free time, she is Editor of TUGboat and a member of the TUG board of directors.

She has participated in standards development in the document processing and font areas; she has most recently worked on the STIX project, which includes getting many math symbols adopted into Unicode, and in developing fonts to use them.

Bibby, Duane

[ sunday ]

bibby.jpg Duane Bibby is a full time illustrator and cartoonist who Illustrated The TeXbook, The METAFONTbook and other TeX related publications.

Bilotta, Giuseppe

[ monday ] . [ thursday ]

bilotta.jpg I'm a Ph.D. student in mathematics at the University of Catania (Italy); I've been using TeX since the late '90s, mostly for lecture and course notes.

My work on TeX has been initially focused on LaTeX (for which I developed the smartref package), and then shifted to ConTeXt. I'm the maintainer of the Italian interface to ConTeXt, and I've been working on some ConTeXt modules to add capabilities found in LaTeX but not in ConTeXt. Finally, my most recent focus has been on the future of TeX the program itself. As a strong supporter of the idea of a merge between the many different TeX extensions, I've been working on the merge between Omega and e-TeX, with a focus on stability rather than enhancements.

I've also worked on documentation and proselytizing. I'm a co-founder and have been a translator of the Gilda/Guild group whose aim is to translate into Italian the most important electronic manuals for LaTeX and its main packages, and possibly contribute original material.

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