1. Dvi2bitmap (Norman Gray) A DVI to GIF and XBM translator.

2. Dvi2Svg (Adrian Frischauf) A DVI to SVG translator.

3. Dvipdfm (Mark A. Wicks) A DVI to PDF translator.

4. dvipng (Jan-Ake Larsson) A DVI to PNG and GIF convertor. It supports PostScript inclusion.

5. DviSvg (Rudolf Sabo) A DVI to SVG translator.

6. DviSvgm (Martin Gieseking) A DVI to SVG translator.

7. GrindEQ () Converter from LaTeX equations to MS Word and backward.

8. MimeTeX (John Forkosh) A server side parses for LaTeX math expressions, emitting either mime xbitmaps or gif images of them

9. ltx2rtf (Daniel Taupin) LaTeX to MicroSoft Word (rtf: Rich Text Format)

10. PdfTeX (Han The Thanh) An extension of the TeX compiler offering native output for the Portable Document Format (pdf) output.

11. LaTeX to ... Convert to HTML, then according to the target

Save the view of the outcome on a text-based browser (e.g., lynx -dump foo.html > foo.txt, or w3m; the latter one might treat tables better)
Word, and some other word processors, can load HTML files. The ‘uxhlatex’ is probably the best setting of TeX4ht for such translations.

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