Some Sources of Problems for MathML

  1. Broken math formulas, such as ‘$R=\{x|x$ is real $\}$’ instead of ‘$R=\{x|x \mbox{ is real } \}$’.
  2. Math mode employment for presenting nonmath content, such as ‘$$\vbox{...}$$ ’ instead of ‘\begin{center}\vbox{...}\end{center}’.
  3. Unmatched parentheses within entries of arrays, such as ‘\begin{array}...(... & ...)...\end{array}’ instead of ‘\begin{array}...\left(... \right.& \left. ...\right)...\end{array}’.
  4. Unmatched parentheses within math, such as ‘$a = b)$’ instead of ‘$\left.a = b\right)$’. It is also possibl to use ‘mathml-’ command line option without need to modify the first form, but it may result in wrong parentheses size.
  5. Incorrect annotation of delimiters, such as ‘\bigl\{...\bigr|...\bigr\}’ instead of ‘\bigl\{...\bigg|...\bigr\}
  6. Missing grouping for bases of subscripts and superscripts, such as ‘10^6’ instead of ‘{10}^6’. (Some fixing of the problem can be requested through a ‘-cxhtmml’ command line option for t4ht.c. For instance, ‘mzlatex file "" "" "-cxhtmml"’.)

  7. Missing grouping for subscripts and suprscripts, such as ‘A_\mathit{...}’ instead of ‘A_{\mathit{...}}’. (LaTeX allows indirect access to the content of the operands; TeX4ht requires direct access.)

  8. Use of the operators ‘^’ and ‘_’, instead of ‘\sb’ and ‘\sp’, outside the presence of TeX4ht. (TeX4ht becomes active only at the ‘\begin{document}’ command. The ‘early_’ and ‘early^’ options extend this awareness to the preambles of the source latex documents.)

  9. If math environments nested within tabular environments cause problems enclose them within braces (for instance, ‘\begin{tabular}{c} \begin{minipage}{4in} { \begin{eqnarray} x & = & y \end{eqnarray} } \end{minipage} \end{tabular}’).

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