TeX Development Fund - Application

This page contains information and the form for applications for TeX Development Fund grants. Any individual, group, or organization doing technical projects related to the TeX typesetting system is eligible to apply for a grant.

Projects relating to accessibility should note that in the description. We have additional funds available for accessibility-related work.

For general information on how projects are selected, see the criteria for grant selection. The Development Fund Committee has final approval for grants up to US$2000. For grants larger than that, the full TUG board must approve (see development fund process and guidelines). The committee may consult other advisors as needed to determine the technical merits of an application.

We accept applications on a rolling basis, without specific deadlines. If funds are available, we will generally make a decision within one month of receiving a complete application (usually much more quickly). If funds are not available, we will hold the decision until such time as they are.


Exceptions to these general conditions is possible on a case-by-case basis, upon mutual agreement by all concerned.

  1. Licensing: Completed projects must be eligible for inclusion on CTAN and TeX Live. Currently, this means that the distribution terms must meet the Free Software Definition published by the Free Software Foundation and/or Debian Free Software Guidelines, and be usable on operating systems that are free software, such as GNU/Linux or a BSD variant.
  2. Reports: for projects with a duration of more than six months, an informal status report midway through is required. In addition, a final report suitable for publication in TUGboat is strongly requested.
  3. Duration: a grant may be for at most one year (this makes TUG's accounting manageable). However, a project may apply for grants in successive years without prejudice.
  4. Intellectual property: TUG and the TeX Development Fund disclaim any intellectual property rights on funded projects; all rights remain with the author(s).
  5. Publicity: Grant recipients and project descriptions will be publicized (listed on a web page, in TUGboat, etc.), for the benefit of all concerned. Grant applications themselves, whether funded or not, will remain private. Grant amounts will be reported to the TUG board.
  6. Taxes: TUG has no way to know whether these grants are taxable in recipients' countries; we can only recommend seeking professional advice. We will assist in any way we can, but ultimately any taxes are the recipient's responsibility.

Application Form

I accept the conditions above.
(You must check this so that we know you've read and agree to the conditions above. If you have questions or problems with this, please email us.
Applicant Name (Individual or organization; the recipient of the funds.)
Contact Email (Please double-check for typos.)
Requested Amount US$ (A multiple of $100 please; approximate currency conversions.)
Duration months.
(Term for this grant; at most one year.)
Project URL
(Optional; for further information or background.)
Project Description
(Proposed work to be done for the grant. Be sure to include the final product, i.e., what constitutes completion. Please explicitly mention any accessibility-related work. Also, if this work will only be done if a certain amount is awarded, please so state.)

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