proTeXt - MiKTeX-based distribution for Windows (retired)

proTeXt was an easy-to-install TeX distribution for Windows based on MiKTeX.

As of 2022, proTeXt has been retired permanently, due to changes (signing requirements) in the MiKTeX infrastructure. The rest of this page is left for history, since previous releases are still available in the historic tree.

The TeX Collection DVD now includes a cut-down MiKTeX installation.

Download and install

All past releases of proTeXt have been publicly archived; through 2019, proTeXt includes a complete MiKTeX release. Original MiKTeX releases are available on github.

Once you have the distribution, you can start the installation by running Setup.exe (if it does not open automatically). An installation wizard (available in several languages) guides the installation. proTeXt includes only 32-bit binaries, but runs fine on 64-bit systems.

proTeXt adds the TeXStudio front end and SumatraPDF reader to MiKTeX. To see the complete contents of the proTeXt distribution, you can inspect the zip file via unzip (on any platform).

New users can find starting points for actually using TeX in this introduction to the TeX system.


proTeXt's creator and principal maintainer was Thomas Feuerstack, while MiKTeX was created and continues to be maintained by Christian Schenk. Many thanks to both.

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