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LaTeX tools for life scientists (BioTeXniques?)

Kumar M Senthil


LaTeX has been a long time favorite of mathematicians and physicists alike. However now, many packages are available, that have tremendously extended the capabilities of LaTeX beyond routine typesetting and provide biologists new avenues to not only typeset documents, but also help in the visualization of membrane proteins and in the analysis of DNA or amino acid sequences by multiple sequence alignment. I will discuss with examples some of the \LaTeX\ packages and tools that are presently available for the biologists. Scientific journals (for biological research) now accept \TeX/\LaTeX\ formatted manuscripts, although they are still a rarity. This article will provide the references of those sources that might be helpful to prospective authors from life sciences that want to submit manuscripts in \TeX/\LaTeX\ format. This article is written in the perspective of a biologist who might be interested in creating better documents using LaTeX & friends.

Senthil finished his PhD work on

Gene regulation in very late promoters of Baculovirus

, from the Centre for DNA Fingerprinting & Diagnostics ( {CDFD}), India. He claims to have written his entire PhD thesis, armed with nothing but Emacs + AUCTeX, LaTeX and a toothbrush. He is currently working as a

Postdoctoral Research Associate

at the Systems Biology Lab headed by Dr.~Sangdun Choi, at {Ajou University}, Suwon, Republic of Korea.

You can reach Senthil at

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