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Version Control of LaTeX Documents with svn-multi

Martin Scharrer


This paper describes how to use the software Subversion to version control your LATEX files while also placing the current revision information in your document using the package svn-multi (v1.3 or later). It covers all steps needed to setup and use Subversion, and to manage multi-file documents. Usage examples are provided to show the basic and advanced features to allow the reader to get the most out of the package.

Martin Scharrer started to use LaTeX for his final year project for his electronic engineering degree in 2003. After introducing himself to the basic usage of LaTeX and his standard packages he got interested in how it actually works and read books about macro programming, package creation and TeX, i.e. the TeXbook. In 2006 he got confronted with the need of a version control software and decided to go for Subversion. This led very quickly to the idea to write some Subversion LaTeX macros to store and typeset the provided version control keywords. After the basic version was finished the requirement to handle multi-file documents was spotted and so the 'svn-multi' (aka svnkw) package was born.

He is currently studying a PhD in electronic engineering on the University of Limerick, Ireland.

You can reach Mark at and know about his LaTeX researches at

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