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LaTeX and Subversion

Mark Eli Kalderon


Subversion is a popular open source version control system. When writing complex LaTeX documents, it is useful to keep track of their development with a version control system such as Subversion. This article covers installation of Subversion, the creation of a local Subversion repository and working copy, the Subversion workflow, and how to get LaTeX to interact with Subversion with the svn-multi package.

I am Mark Eli Kalderon. I am an analytic philosopher teaching at University College London. I am also the current editor of the Aristotelian Society. I received my PhD from Princeton in 1995. I have taught at University of California Riverside, Princeton, UCLA, and Caltech. According to the present deformation professionnelle my work is in M&E (metaphysics and epistemology). My current research concerns color, consciousness, and metaethics.

You can reach Mark at

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