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Tools for Collaborative Writing of Scientific LaTeX Documents

Arne Henningsen


Collaborative writing of documents requires a strong synchronisation among authors. This paper describes a possible way to organise the collaborative preparation of scientific LaTeX documents. The presented solution is primarily based on the version control system "Subversion". The paper describes how "Subversion" can be used together with several other software tools and LaTeX packages to organise the collaborative preparation of LaTeX documents.

Arne Henningsen received his PhD in Agricultural Economics in 2006. Currently, he is a post-doc researcher and lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Kiel, Germany. His main interests are microeconomic modelling and econometrics. He started using LaTeX in 2001 and gradually turned into an enthusiastic LaTeX user. He has written a few LaTeX classes and BibTeX styles for scientific journals in economics that are available in his "economic" bundle at CTAN.

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