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Graphics in LaTeX

Claudio Beccari


This tutorial describes some facilities offered by LaTeX and its extension packages for producing line art graphics directly in the source document. Some of these facilities are standalone, in the sense that they do not require functionalities of external programs, while others rely on external programs.

Claudio Beccari is a long time LaTeX user and in 1991 wrote a book in Italian with the title "LaTeX — Guida a un sistema di editoria elettronica". Since then he is considered one of the gurus of the Italian TeX Users, even if this fame is totally undeserved. He has contributed several papers to TUGboat; he produced the hyphenation patterns for Italian and Latin, still in use today; he designed the default Greek fonts for use with Babel and supplied the Greek hyphenation patterns (luckily enough the Greek Users produced better patterns and these replaced Claudio's). Presently the Italian language definition file of the Babel package, although under the full control of Johannes Braams, is regularly updated and enriched by Claudio. He has participated in various TeX conferences and is a memeber of TUG GuIT, the official Group of the Italian TeX Users. He can be reached at

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