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Design of presentations: Notes on principles and TeX implementation

Boris Veytsman


There are many TeX packages available for creating presentations. Mostly they imitate the ubiquitous style of a certain tool, striving to produce Power-Point-like slides, hopefully with better typographical execution. In this paper the principles of good design for presentations are considered. It discusses the problems with the common design of presentations as well as the famous proposition by Tufte to avoid slides at all. The paper tries to formulate the principles of good presentation design and discuss TeX implementations from this point of view. The discussion is based on the author's experience in making slides for talks, lectures and training sessions.

Boris Veytsman received his PhD in Theoretical Physics in 1992. He has published research papers in many different areas including physics of liquids, polymers, liquid crystals, hydrodynamics of concentrated slurries, telecommunications, evolution ecology, plant physiology, epidemiology, and genetics. He works now at Advanced Engineering & Sciences, ITT and teaches at George Mason University (Virginia, USA). He is interested in modeling of complex systems in various areas. TeX has been his hobby and favorite tool for many years; he has contributed several LaTeX packages to CTAN, taught TeX/LaTeX and consults about all things TeXnical. Contact him at or

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