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Avoid eqnarray!

Lars Madsen


Whenever the eqnarray environment appears in a question or an example of a problem on the comp.text.tex newsgroup or the TeXhax mailing list there is a large chance that someone will tell the poster not to use eqnarray. This article will provide some examples of why many of us consider eqnarray to be harmful and why it should not be used.

Lars Madsen holds a master's degree in math from the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Aarhus, Denmark, where he is also currently employed as a programmer doing general user support, including quite a lot of LaTeX support.

Lars is a regular on comp.text.tex and the Danish TeX User Group's mailing list. As he witnesses a lot of 'normal' LaTeX users, Lars is a bit concerned on how new users learn LaTeX. As a result of this, he is currently working on the third edition of his 300+ pages Danish LaTeX introduction. He can be contacted at

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