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Managing Citations and Your Bibliography with BibTeX

Jürgen Fenn


This article gives a brief introduction to managing citations and to preparing a list of references with BibTeX. Techniques for writing a bibliography file and its use in a document are presented for first-time BiBTeX users. Strategies and tools for simplifying work are also described. No attempt, however, is made to provide an in-depth introduction. The article concludes with a critical note on the future of BibTeX and a list of references for further reading.

Jürgen Fenn is a lawyer who specializes in German constitutional law and was conferred a doctorate of law in social security at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität at Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He is also the maintainer of the Topic Index of Graham William's TeX Catalogue and a regular contributor to German TeX user's group DANTE's journal DTK. You can reach Jürgen at

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