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LaTeX curricula vitae with the CurVe class

Didier Verna


CurVe is a LATEX2e class for writing curricula vitae (cv). It provides a set of commands to create headers, rubrics, entries in these rubrics etc. CurVe will then format your cv with a consistent layout while you can just concentrate on the contents. The layout of a CurVe cv is highly customizable. CurVe also has a very special feature known as the flavor mechanism: it is able to manage different "flavors" (versions) of your cv simultaneously. CurVe is distributed under the terms of the LPPL license. This paper describes the features available in version 1.11.

Mr. Verna is a computer scientist working for the prestigious EPITA Research and Development Laboratory in the south of Paris, France. He is married and a father of two children, and he is a semi-professional jazz guitarist and singer. In addition to his research and teaching, Mr. Verna has published the book "GNU autoconf, automake, libtool" (New Ryders) and is a software developer (of, for example, XEmacs, Gnus and BBDB) and has created several add-on packages for LaTeX, such as FiXme, FiNK, QCM and CurVe. Mr. Verna can be reached at

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