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The MathTimeProfessional Fonts
     Or, How I Wasted the Last Twenty Years of my Life

Mike Spivak


I am a computer innocent who, through a series of historical accidents, ended up writing the amstex macro package, and a font design innocent who, through desperation for fonts that I was willing to use for my Calculus and Differential Geometry books, ended up designing the MathTime Professional fonts. It is a sobering reflection that these activities seem to have occupied a significant amount of my time during the last 20-25 years.

I often find it interesting to answer challenging questions about using TeX for typesetting. However, a severe allergy to LaTeX dictates that my solutions be couched in plain TeX, though presumably any well-versed LaTeXophile will be able to supply a translation. You may contact me at the MathTime Pro forum, or at Publish or Perish, Inc.

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