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Travels in TeX Land: Choosing a TeX Environment for Windows

David Walden


This column recounts my experiences looking at and thinking about different ways TeX is set up for users to go through the document-composition to typesetting cycle (input and edit, compile, and view and print). First I'll describe my own experience randomly trying various TeX environments. I suspect that some other users have had a similar introduction to TeX; and perhaps other users have just used the environment that was available at their workplace or school. Then I'll consider some categories for thinking about options in TeX setups. Last, I'll suggest some follow-on steps. Since I use Microsoft Windows as my computer operating system, this note focuses on environments that are available for Windows.

David Walden is retired after a career as an engineer, engineering manager, and general manager involved with research and development of computer and other high tech systems. Readers with suggestions relating to this paper can contact him at mailto

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