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Travels in TeX Land: Tweaking LaTeX

David Walden


The author uses LaTeX extensively, but is not an expert by any means. His work requires that LaTeX do things differently than it does "out of the box." He may need new capabilities that do not already exist in LaTeX, to modify slightly existing LaTeX capabilities, or to give LaTeX a different look and feel.

This note sketches some of what the author would have liked to have found sketched in one place (rather than having to hunt in books or on the Web) when he was first trying to tweak LaTeX to do different things: finding an appropriate package or class, creating a new command or environment to do something new, creating a new command or environment to do something differently than LaTeX already does it, and changing an existing command or environment.

David Walden is retired after a career as an engineer, engineering manager, and general manager involved with research and development of computer and other high tech systems. Readers with suggestions relating to this paper can contact him via his web site,

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