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Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Sat Mar 18 15:47:51 CET 2017

Hi everyone

(sorry for the multiple posts)

I have been using git over svn now for long time, and most of the 
development I do for the TeX Live infra was/is going on in git

Since the full git/svn checkout is quite big, github and consorts
are not an option, but after moving to a different server, my own 
one finally has enough space and resources (hopefully).

Anyway, so there it is:
	http://git.preining.info/texlive.git/	(web interface)
	git://git.preining.info/texlive.git	(anonymous checkout)
	git at preining.info:texlive.git		(gitolite, authenticated checkout)

Some remarks:
* the master branch is pushed more or less regularly from my own
  git/svn checkout
* all other branches are development branches that are regularly
  rebased onto master, so if you are following any branch, you 
  probably need to remove and repull the branch at times.
* branches are named somehow meaningful, hopefully:
  are branches that will be included after the freeze for TL2017
  branches are in development, and might never see the light of
  the day ;-)

If anyone wants to contribute to any of these branches, or create
his own, feel free to contact me (including your ssh public key).

If you are developing a new feature, the usual course of action is:
* create a branch, develop, test it
* when it is ready, merge it into your local master and call
	git svn dcommit
  which will submit it via svn to the texlive svn repo, from where
  it will be reincluded into the master branch.
* after that, deletion of the dev branch is ok

Of course, just working for development and then sending patches
is also fine.

Before checking out the beast, think twice, it is about 20G!

I myself use this setup now on three different computers and
I'm quite happy with it. Feel free to send me suggestions for

The main development place of TeX Live is the subversion
repository, and this will remain like this for the foreseeable
future. The current archive is only for my own convenience, and
for those who prefer git ;-)



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