Sudden problem with Texshop

Paulo Ney de Souza pauloney at
Thu May 5 01:01:50 CEST 2022

Dear Mr. Bruschi,

I would appreciate being referred to as just Paulo Ney, my first name.

Adding to what Richard said, he should be the point man here:

I believe it does not have much to do with TeXShop, except for
the fact that TeXShop and all the programs it calls may imply high
memory use. Probably the same would happen if you called Maple
of Mathematica and tried something hard to compute in it.

If your machine has or is developing some kind of memory problem,
the symptoms will be very close to what you describe.

I would recommend testing your RAM with Apple's user diagnostics
tools is easy. Simply restart your Mac, and then hold down D as soon
as it restarts. If you did it correctly, your computer will either boot into
Apple Diagnostics or Apple Hardware Test, depending on the age of
your machine.

Apple silicon Macs require a different way of entering Apple Diagnostics.
You must first shut the Mac down and turn it back on, holding down the
Power button until you get to the startup options screen. Then, press Cmd +

Follow the prompts and let the test complete.

Paulo Ney

On Wed, May 4, 2022 at 6:51 AM David Edward Bruschi <
david.edward.bruschi at> wrote:

> Dear Mr. de Souza,
> thank you for your email.
> I would appreciate being referred to as Mr. Bruschi.
> I have the latest version of TeXshop, operating on an iMac that is 2 years
> old.
> Notice that it worked flawlessly until Thursday last week.
> What happens now is that every time that I open a .tex file with TeXshop,
> or just load TexShop per se, the computer becomes non responsive, the Magic
> Trackped deacivates, the Bluetooth seems particularly to fail, and the
> computer either works after some time, freezes completely or restatrs on
> its own. I have never seen anything like this in 14 years.
> I tried to reinstall MacTex and TeXshop but to no avail.
> I hope that you will help me with this.
> Best,
> David
> On 02.05.22 16:08, Paulo Ney de Souza wrote:
> Dear David,
> Can you give us more detail? Is this a new installation of TeXshop? How
> does it fail to load?
> Paulo Ney
> On Mon, May 2, 2022, 6:48 AM David Edward Bruschi <
> david.edward.bruschi at> wrote:
>> To whom it may concern,
>> my name is David Edward Bruschi and I am a scientist at the Institute
>> for Quantum Computing Analytics (PGI-12), Forschungszentrum Jülich,
>> Germany.
>> I have ben using Mactex and Teshop for 14 years on multipled Apple
>> devices, and I have had since today a very strange problem with my iMac.
>> This is a relatively new computer (2 years old) and had no problems
>> whatsoever until today.
>> Since today, Texshop does not load and the Magic Tracpad simultaneosuly
>> connects and disconnects.
>> I have never had such a problem on any computer, and the smae
>> configuration and setup worked flawlessly untile a last Friday.
>> Any hints at what I can do would be helpful.
>> Best,
>> Dr. David Edward  Bruschi
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