Sudden problem with Texshop

Richard Koch koch at
Wed May 4 22:45:54 CEST 2022

Mr. Bruschi,

I have no idea what is causing your problem with TeXShop. Can I assume that you are using the latest operating system, Monterey?

When the system behaves strangely, you can sometimes fix things by removing your old TeXShop preferences, letting the program regenerate these preferences with default values, and then resetting anything that you may have changed. This is not recommended unless all else fails.

Do this as follows:

1) Quit TeXShop and make sure no other copy of the program is running.

2) Go to ~/Library/Preferences and move the file TeXShop.plist to your desktop.

3) Restart TeXShop. It will create a new file with default values.

Feel free to contact me for further debugging, not that I have anything else up my sleeve at the moment.

Richard Koch
koch at

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