TeX Hour tomorrow: An online forum for TeX users in the UK (18:30 to 19:30 UK time)

Jonathan Fine jfine2358 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 19:48:04 CEST 2021


Tomorrow's TeX Hour is a bit special, and also a bit sad. The UK TeX Users
Group is stagnant, and might very soon decide to dissolve itself. I've been
a member since about 1990 so that will hit me hard.

To help us make the best of what there is, I've taken the initiative to set
up an online forum for TeX users in the UK. The closest we've got to that
today is UK-TUG-Announce. I posted to that list (see below) reporting on
progress so far.

Tomorrow's TeX Hour won't be recorded, and people and issues from the UK
will have priority in speaking. Do come along if you think the meeting is
relevant to you. There's no fixed agenda.

Date and time: Thursday 23 September: 18:30 to 19:30 UK time.
UK time now: https://time.is/UK.
Zoom URL:

Here's the message to UK-TUG-Announce
Dear UK TUG Member

I've some good news. Fellow member Antoni Diller (author of LaTeX Line by
Line) wrote to me:

"I'm interested in being kept informed of the online UK-focused TeX forum
that you talk about in your email.  I've found your emails concerning the
TeX Hour very informative, telling me things I didn't know about such as
various pretty-printing tools.  I'd like to continue receiving these."

I thank Antoni for permission to quote his message. And another person, an
expert in math accessibility and not a member of UK TUG, has also said
they'd like to subscribe to such a forum.

BBC Radio 4 has a program "In Touch" which gives news, views and
information for people who are blind or partially sighted. Yesterday's
episode was The Return to University. Recommended. If you're in the UK you
can listen to it (18 minutes long) at

At last week's TeX Hour someone said that their UK-based university was
monitoring uploaded PDFs for accessibility. Their PDFs scored low, although
whether it was the LaTeX or the math that problem wasn't clear.

If you'd like to join Antoni, myself and others in an online forum please
let me know. Or if you have time, come along to tomorrow's TeX Hour (6:30
to 7:30pm).

Zoom URL:

Here's Antoni's website: https://www.cantab.net/users/antoni.diller/

Happy TeXing

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