wdvi(1) networked DVI viewer

Kyle Milz krwmilz at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 18:50:45 CEST 2021


I have been working on a project and I think it is time to get some
user feedback, hopefully this list is an appropriate place to do that.

My project is wdvi(1), a network enabled DVI viewer. It can fetch DVI
files from remote systems using the standard HTTPS protocol. I have
just released the proof of concept code here:


wdvi(1) is a fork of xdvi(1) with some bugs fixed and of course the
HTTPS fetching feature added. It should compile and run on unix-like
systems. It needs libraries and development headers for openssl,
freetype2, and xaw7.

You can serve DVI files to wdvi(1) the same way as you would serve
HTML over SSL, meaning that if you already have an SSL enabled HTTP
server then you can drop DVI files next to your other documents and
use wdvi(1) to view them.

wdvi(1) can follow links in DVI documents but they must be prepared
using the 'hypertex' driver for the 'hyperref' package, ie


I would be interested to know if wdvi(1) compiles and works on your
system, and if you would generally find this software useful.

Best Regards,

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