a concocted symbol

Julius Müller Julius.Muller at gmx.net
Sun Oct 31 10:22:59 CET 2021


could it be that the difference between pdf and dvi stems from the
\scalebox macro? My knowledge about that is rather rusty. Could it be
that \scalebox useds ps/pdf features most dvi viewers do not support,
and thus has no effect on the output of the dvi viewer?


Am 30.10.21 um 22:01 schrieb Haines Brown:
> On Sat, Oct 30, 2021 at 08:01:29PM +0200, Herbert Voss wrote:
>> Am 30.10.21 um 19:01 schrieb Haines Brown:
>>> I need to construct a symbol, but worry about its falling apart or
>>> becoming distorted when published.
>>> The symbol is a circle enclosing a centered "N" and is attached to an arrow
>>>    pointing right:
>>> {\footnotesize{N}}$\kern -0.785em \bigcirc\kern  -0.4em\longrightarrow$
>>> Can this  be done in a way that is simpler or is more stable?
>> \documentclass{article}
>> \usepackage{graphicx}
>> \newcommand\Ncircle{\ensuremath{\textcircled{\scalebox{0.8}{N}}\mkern-8mu\longrightarrow}}
>> \begin{document}
>> \Ncircle\Huge$\Ncircle$
>> \end{document}
>> Herbert
> Herbert. I like it! One problem is that if I compiile with pdflatex to
> get a pdf or with latex to get a dvi file, the results differ. In the
> dvi file the N breaks through the top of the circle a little. In the
> pdf the N is a bit high, but not so much as to near hi\igging the
> cirfle. When I put the code into a document I happen to be currently
> writing, the N is a bit too low. How is the mu unit measured for /mkern?
> Is it a function of the current font? If so I'll have to specify a
> monospace font

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