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On Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 09:32:37AM +0100, David Carlisle wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Oct 2021 at 23:34, Mike Marchywka <marchywka at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Thanks. I'm not sure what you mean by " pdf attachment" and maybe tried to
> > relate the distinct topics I put in my post. The url thing was just a distraction
> > but my quesiton concerns including information in a compiled latex document,
> > typically pdf, so that someone wishing to cite the document could extract
> > bibtex the document as much as is practical.  When I  release  a technical
> > report draft  for example,  there is usually a print suggested bibtex in an appendix
> > and similar information in the extended information.
> It would be very odd I think in a multi-article format like tugboat if
> each article had a visible bibtex entry printed within the document.

Certainly the printed and machine readable part need to be appropriate 
for the documents- an entire book or journal is different and a short
article with printed formated bibtex may be a bit odd looking. 
See below.

> There is separately Nelson Beebe's bibtex file for tugboat going back
> to the start of time
> http://ftp.math.utah.edu/pub/tex/bib/tugboat.html

Yes, I've got that link already open in response to
a prior message,


and I still have not added this special case to TooBib yet

However, the general problem of easily citing a given
pdf or other file remains open. I guess documents could
have a single " for citing information see [ link ]" 
line that is acceptable to the reader and also in
the extended information. In the absence of a cooperating
server the known information could be inserted in 
machine readable form. Is there a latex pacakge or
agreed upon way to do that? 

You do raise a good point however about citing hierarchial
documents. I guess with html there is a fragment concept,  


if you were viewing a collection web page and could find the fragment 
for the abstract or paper you with to cite that would let software
sort out the specific document of interest.

While we are on this, PDF AFAICT also does not have a means to 
put a "referer" header in a request when clicking on a link.
So, if I'm reading a document and click on a link in the bibliography
( which is typically to another document cited by the author
but with BomTex could be to a product manufacturer or "advertiser"
) the target server is not away of the document generating the interest
unless a docuement idetentifier is encoded in the request url ( typically
a query string ).  
Am I wrong about this or is there an easy way to track user actions
in response to a given work? 

> David


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