tugboat articles please

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Oct 12 22:45:49 CEST 2021

Hi Mike,

    l.99 \tbsurl
                {ctan.org/pkg/tugboat}. For general \CTAN\ package references, we

Oops, I guess I haven't released it at all yet :). I jumped the gun on
updating the template. I'll make an ltugboat package release shortly.

It's not important for writing, though. Can just be replaced with \url.

    But there is no indication it put any useful citation info 

\tbsurl is not related to citations, in the bibtex/bibliography sense.
\tbsurl{foo.com/bar} is simply an abbreviation for https://foo.com/bar.

    I have TeX related projects- BomTex for a "bill of materials" system
    derived from a bibliography and the TooBib software I keep talking
    about for discovering possible bibtex sources for a given URL- but
    probably can not submit anything meaningful in this timeframe. 

Sure, I knew I was writing late in the day.
Maybe for the next issue, deadline March 31 2022 ...

    I was going to download your template on the submission info link
    but was curious if you have a standard way now to include human and
    machine readable bibtex info in the PDF files? 

If you mean as a PDF attachment or some such, no, we have no explicit
support for that, though a (very) few articles have used it, over the
years, mostly for source code examples, as I recall.

My experience is that hardly anyone (including me) uses or even notices
PDF attachments.  I don't have anything against them, but I think it's
more usable to (also, at least) link to any such resources externally.

    In any case, is there a TeX or TuG preferred way to include citation
    information now?  

Not in the sense of attachments. At least not as far as I
know. Certainly nothing for TUGboat.

    I like my approach :)

Sounds like a fine thing to write about, then :). --thanks, karl.

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