Oct21 TUG news: TUGboat, conferences, matrix, C&T Jubilee, CTAN

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Sun Oct 3 00:04:57 CEST 2021

Dear TeXers

Today I got from my mailbox TUGboat 42:2.  It is the Proceedings issue,
filled with very interesting conference papers on all things TeX,
interviews, a map of participants' locations and much more.  TUG2021
was a very interesting conference, and the Proceedings issue captured
the atmosphere of this event.

Speaking of the conference, one issue raised at the AGM was the term
length for the directors.  We added a clarification to the guidelines
at https://tug.org/election/guidelines.html:

     The standard length of a director's term is four years. If a
     candidate can foresee not being able to serve for this length of
     time, it is acceptable to announce, at the time of an election,
     running for (say) a two-year stay on the board, so voters can be

Well, this issue of TUGboat is done---time to think about submissions
for the next one.  The deadline for that is October 15, but don't
hesitate to send in early!  More info: https://tug.org/TUGboat/location.html.

The month of September had several interesting TeX conferences:
DANTE's Autumn Meeting (Online), Saarbrücken, Germany, Sept. 18, 2021;
and 15th ConTeXt Meeting, Bassenge, Belgium, Sept. 20-25, 2021.  Among
the coming meetings are

  - TeXConf2021 (Japan, online), November 13,
  Deadline for (free) registration: October 9.

  - Grapholinguistics in the 21st Century: From graphemes to knowledge,
  Palaiseau, France, June 8-10, 2022,
  Submission deadline: January 10, 2022

On another front, some news for the users of Matrix networks (and those
interested in new chat-like channels). Henri Menke opened a TUG space at
https://matrix.to/#/#tug:matrix.org. Thanks Henri!

The Jubilee printing of DEK's Computers & Typesetting is available from
https://informit.com/tex/jubilee, both in hardcover and as PDF e-book.
All volumes are available in both formats, although not all of A-W's web
pages are up to date.

There is an exclusive 40% discount for TUG members on either format
(though not both simultaneously). Log into the member area of our web
site https://tug.org/members/ with your TUG username and password to get
the discount code (if you do not know your TUG username and password,
please contact memberaccess at tug.org).

You may want to check out https://tug.org/books for this and other
notable books, book reviews and discounts for TUG members.

New CTAN packages in September:
- clicks, slide deck animation;
- crumbs, add a Navigation Path to the page header;
- debate, insert notes in the form of dialogues;
- hanzibox, simplify the input of Chinese characters;
- linenoamsmath, use the lineno package together with amsmath;
- luapstricks, a PSTricks backend for LuaLaTeX;
- njuthesis, LaTeX thesis template for Nanjing University;
- notocondensed, support for the condensed variants of the Noto fonts;
- pdfextra, extra PDF features for OpTeX;
- penlight, Penlight Lua libraries made available to LuaLaTeX users;
- uwa-colours, the colour palette of The University of Western Australia;
- uwa-letterhead, the letterhead of the University of Western Australia;
- uwa-pcf, a Participant Consent Form (PCF) for a human research
  protocol at the University of Western Australia;
- uwa-pif, a Participant Information Form (PIF) for a human research
  protocol at the University of Western Australia;
- yamlvars, a YAML parser and tool for easy LaTeX definition creation;
- zitie, create CJK character calligraphy practicing sheets.

Happy TeXing!

Boris Veytsman
TUG President

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