TeX on Windows?

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Have you tried PROTEXT (http://tug.org/protext/).  This is a relatively
easy-to-install package that can be downloaded as a zip file (about 1.1
GB).  It contains Miktex and Texstudio, a GUI for Tex which is currently
being maintained (see https://www.texstudio.org/),  The entire package is
installed with a single setup.exe file.  It can be loaded onto a USB key
and run from there.  I have not installed it recently but there was a time
when I used to distribute it on a DVD to beginners and no one had any
problems installing it.

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On Tue, 25 May 2021 at 12:25, Philip Taylor <P.Taylor at hellenic-institute.uk>

> Dr Alan Litchfield wrote:
> [Download the iso image and] mount it onto your computer.
> Not possible under Windows 7, Alan, unless additional software is
> installed.  But to Bob :
> I have been happily using PCTeX all these years, and will continue to do
> so but it seems like PCTeX has left us in the past two years since I
> communicated with someone there at the company. Does anyone know what
> happened to them?  https://www.pctex.com/ website seems abandoned
> Is there any other for pay product to replace it?
> Pass.  Although I used to pay for TeX back in the Kellerman & Smith days,
> I have not done so since then, and have never paid for a PC version.  Many
> years ago the late, great, Sebastian Rahtz persuaded me to switch to TeX
> Live, and I have never looked back.  In the past I would use the network
> installer, or download and burn the ISO, or download and mount the ISO, but
> these days I use Rsynch to fetch the installation suite and install from my
> local copy.  The real problem is that TeX Live is not a Windows product —
> it is a generic product that has to support $2^n+1$ variant operating
> systems (how many different ways can you spell "Linux" ?), and as a result
> the documentation too has to be generic, which is distinctly sub-optimal.
> I am certain that together the TeX user community will be able to assist
> you, but some background information will be vital, and it will almost
> certainly take several iterations before we achieve complete success.  So,
> questions :
>    1. Exactly which operating system are you running
>    2. Are you able to access your computer as am administrator
>    3. Do you have fast Internet access from your computer ?  (where
>    "fast" => better than 10Mbps) ?
> And to my fellow TeX and Windows users — given that one can install (for
> example) Windows 7 from a USB stick, using the Microsoft Windows USB/DVD
> download tool
> <https://www.microsoft.com/en-GB/download/details.aspx?id=56485>, has
> anyone investigated whether an analogous methodology could be used to
> install TeX Live from a USB stick for people such as Bob who lack a DVD
> reader ?
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> *Philip Taylor*
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