TeX on Windows?

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Tue May 25 13:23:45 CEST 2021

Dr Alan Litchfield wrote:

> [Download the iso image and] mount it onto your computer.

Not possible under Windows 7, Alan, unless additional software is 
installed.  But to Bob :

> I have been happily using PCTeX all these years, and will continue to 
> do so but it seems like PCTeX has left us in the past two years since 
> I communicated with someone there at the company. Does anyone know 
> what happened to them? https://www.pctex.com/ website seems abandoned
> Is there any other for pay product to replace it?

Pass.  Although I used to pay for TeX back in the Kellerman & Smith 
days, I have not done so since then, and have never paid for a PC 
version.  Many years ago the late, great, Sebastian Rahtz persuaded me 
to switch to TeX Live, and I have never looked back. In the past I would 
use the network installer, or download and burn the ISO, or download and 
mount the ISO, but these days I use Rsynch to fetch the installation 
suite and install from my local copy.  The real problem is that TeX Live 
is not a Windows product — it is a generic product that has to support 
$2^n+1$ variant operating systems (how many different ways can you spell 
"Linux" ?), and as a result the documentation too has to be generic, 
which is distinctly sub-optimal.

I am certain that together the TeX user community will be able to assist 
you, but some background information will be vital, and it will almost 
certainly take several iterations before we achieve complete success.  
So, questions :

 1. Exactly which operating system are you running
 2. Are you able to access your computer as am administrator
 3. Do you have fast Internet access from your computer ?  (where "fast"
    => better than 10Mbps) ?

And to my fellow TeX and Windows users — given that one can install (for 
example) Windows 7 from a USB stick, using the Microsoft Windows USB/DVD 
download tool 
<https://www.microsoft.com/en-GB/download/details.aspx?id=56485>, has 
anyone investigated whether an analogous methodology could be used to 
install TeX Live from a USB stick for people such as Bob who lack a DVD 
reader ?

/Philip Taylor/
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