Using fonts from the LaTeX Font Catalogue

Ulrike Fischer news3 at
Sat May 8 21:50:03 CEST 2021

Am Sat, 8 May 2021 11:51:36 -0700 schrieb Paulo Ney de Souza:

> Making XeTeX find TeX fonts-by-name should not require
> installation of all of them on your system. 
> If it works on MikTeX, it should work -- almost -- just as well
> on TeXLive. 

Do you actually know if using fonts-by-name works in miktex on

(windows is not a problem, there it works in texlive too).

>> TeXLive or getnonfreefonts should be marked as "For
>> experts only" in the Font Catalogue or even moved into
>> a separate sub-catalogue. It's clear that TeXLive and
>> getnonfreefonts have "spoiled" you and likely many others
>> into mis-interpreting the Usage information in the
>> Catalogue.

> I think so too, and hopefully Palle is reading some of this.

Well I don't think so. Imho it wouldn't be so nice to mark fonts
that work perfectly with miktex as "for experts only". 

But one could perhaps move the "not in texlive" info up in the page
so that people stopping after the first few lines see the info

Ulrike Fischer

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