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On Sat, May 8, 2021 at 6:36 AM Bob Tennent <rdtennent at> wrote:

> But the "errors" you have reported to texhax are mostly
> *your* errors, likely not due to inadequate or obsolete
> documentation.

I am not buying that Bob. This is on a vanilla -- perfectly correct --
of TeXLive 21.

The "fc-cache" instructions are buried in Section 3.4.4 of a41-page manual,
that if you decide to read/understand/execute it all it will take you a
week of work.

The fact that the standard recommendation tells you to install ALL of TeX
fonts on
your system is BS -- there are a ton of fonts with the same name and that
has been
known for breaking other tools, like for example, Evince.

I do sincerely hope that some of the ideas ventilated by David pan out.
XeTeX find TeX fonts-by-name should not require installation of all of them
your system.

If it works on MikTeX, it should work -- almost -- just as well on TeXLive.
If there is a
problem with "freeware" we should just add it to "getnonfreefonts" which is
our best
framework for font installation. Installation of the Emerald Fontwerks
fonts should be
a one-command, not hours of reading inadequate documentation, installation
uncertainties about what you had done to your TeXLive tree.

I now think *all* font packages not supported by
> TeXLive or getnonfreefonts should be marked as "For
> experts only" in the Font Catalogue or even moved into
> a separate sub-catalogue. It's clear that TeXLive and
> getnonfreefonts have "spoiled" you and likely many others
> into mis-interpreting the Usage information in the
> Catalogue.
> Bob T.

I think so too, and hopefully Palle is reading some of this.

Paulo Ney
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