crediting contributions to a work- people or things like photographs. What tools do people use?

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Wed May 5 03:15:13 CEST 2021

This is not really latex specific  except that it all relies on bibtex
format but there are likely many types of authors here who may have
a few links to post. 

I had posted a few times about expanding the bibliography concept to a bill-of-materials
that may be more suitable for some compositions such as DIU projects or more serious works.
This may also have commercial applications for crediting various works as inspiration
to buy something. I have also been working on a script, now a c++ program that
invokes mostly bash utilities called TooBib , to generate a bibtex entry from 
just about any url ( right now this just works with journal articles and similar).
I posted a few early comments on this list and then again on LinkedIn, Academia,edu,
and researchgate( Interestinly google scholar has not indexed it as it has some other
notes I posted on these sites, LinkedIn does not get indexed at all apparently). 

So now I was curious about modern ways to cite people, historically maybe 'personal
communication" which today may be a few links but in reality I'd like
to cite enough info in a bibliogrphy entry so someone could find the specific
"John Doe" easily on the internet or elsewhere. I also am now collecting photographs
from various sources and wanted to credit or add bibliography entries
for these indicating the date and place and photographer and maybe other details.
This looks like a manual effort- I can't find any clues in the jpg files for example.
I guess hitorically people just put a "photo credit" in a caption and the sources
are well enough known not to need much detail. 

In the first case, a link to a user profile on LinkedIn may be enough for TooBib
to extract some self-published personal details. I've got no ideas on the
photographs except extracting a date when the file name indicates one. 
It should not be hard for a phone or camera to insert a name or phone number
depending on the image format  :) Does jpeg allow this? 
In fact, for security reasons this may be a good idea like a water mark :) 

How do people approach these issues or is there a specific source on this?



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