Using fonts from the LaTeX Font Catalogue.

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Tue May 4 15:24:43 CEST 2021

Bob Tennent wrote:

> Phil: I have good news for you: in TeXLive, just three
> "super-packages" provide *all* available fonts in *all*
> available formats. The super-packages are called collections
> and one simply installs the fontsrecommended and fontsextra
> collections and, if desired, run the getnonfreefonts
> program. And if you have already all of TeXLive installed,
> you only need the last of these. Isn't that an even better
> solution to your "problem"? Of course for LaTeX you still
> have to select the actual font family or families you want
> in your document by commands of the form \usepackage{...}

And that is exactly where the problem lies.  How is Rolf to know that 
the font which the rest of the world calls "BrushScriptX-Italic" is 
known to TeX as "pbsi" ?  And why /should/ have to know that, and to 
know that for BrushScriptX-Italic he has to use \usepackage ...

> or possibly \setmainfont{...}.

whereas for some other font in which he is interested he has to use 
\setmainfont ?  Why (apart from the fact that the functionality does not 
currently exists) can he not just write :

> \usepackage [BrushScriptX-Italic] {fonts}

and Everything Will Just Work ?

> The fact that these load a
> family of fonts rather than an individual font is surely a
> great convenience compared to the primitive mechanism in
> plain TeX.

Plain TeX is neither primitive not sophisticated — it is just a basic 
macro package layered on exactly the same TeX primitives as is LaTeX.  
Anything that LaTeX can do, Plain TeX can do — I would have thought that 
you of all people would have known that.
/** Phil./
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