tcolorbox vs. geometry vs. hyperref bug

Ulrike Fischer news3 at
Tue May 4 09:04:08 CEST 2021

Am Mon, 3 May 2021 17:04:37 -0600 (MDT) schrieb Doug McKenna:

> Ulrike -
> Thanks muchly.  That patch makes things work as expected on my TL2019 install, which is certainly a relief!
> Will there be harms from making that patch on later releases of hyperref?  Or is it a mere redundancy?

> To that end, what is the hyperref package version/date I can test against above which the patch is unnecessary?  

The current code in hyperref is not exactly the same: we added some
breakpoints to resolve your issue, but now there are too much:

The code I send you yesterday is what I plan to add to the next
hyperref, which will be probably some time in this month.

Ulrike Fischer

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